The 12 holy nights between the years

The celebration of the 12 holy nights are part of ancient european traditions, celebrated by the old priestesses and druids – who worshipped the goddess before the christians wiped it out. They believed that all gods are one god and all goddesses are one goddess. They respected other beliefs and traditions, because they knew that whatever shape the one consicousness chooses to embody, we are all one.

(To deepen this topic, please read Whatever god you worship, you’re really worshipping Awareness by Christopher Wallis, including some ancient wisdom of the Tantrāloka of Abhinavagupta).

On December 21 we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year with the longest night – the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere. This day was called „the rebirth of the light“. The rites of the 12 holy nights originate from the old folks of europe, who were living in the nature and who have been much more connected to the earth and her cycles, than we are today. The old folks were reading the weather from the sky and celebrated rites to protect their family, cattle and land (what is today probably replaced by lots of insurances).

The lunar year consists of 354 days, so there are 11 days (12 nights) missing to complete the solar year with 365 days. These are the 12 holy nights, or „rough nights“, what might come from „furry“, because animal fur was included in many rituals. They begin in the night of December 24 – 25 and end on January 5 – 6.

The 12 holy nights were based on a lot of superstition, but also on a lot of truth. In these nights one would stay close to the family, because the mists between the seen and the unseen world become very thin and permeable during this time. It was a time of connecting to the ancestors, asking them for advice and honoring them, similar to Samhain (today Halloween). People asked ‚the ones who walked the path before them‘ for protection, guidance and warning them from danger. During these nights, the old folks paid attention to the weather, the animals and their dreams, because every night symbolizes one month in the following year. So it’s a good time for daily meditations and contemplation, for working with oracle cards (or whatever you prefer) to get messages and warnings for the coming year. And there are two days, on which one can work energetically on problematic stuff that comes up, so it won’t manifest in the progress of the coming year.

Here’s an outline for the 12 holy nights and their meaning, always from 0am to 11:59pm:

Dezember 25: January – Grounding and honoring your roots
Dezember 26: February – Inner Guidance
Dezember 27: March – Heart Opening
Dezember 28: April – Energetic Cleansing
Dezember 29: May – Friendship and Selflove
Dezember 30: June – The day of letting go
Dezember 31: July – Preparing for the new, opening to the new (maybe more letting go)
Januar 1: August – Day of the new blessings
Januar 2: September – Day of bliss
Januar 3: October – Day of inspiration and life force
Januar 4: November – Impermanence and the path of life
Januar 5: December – Smudging, Cleansing, Opening

Pay attention to what happens on each day and take notes for the month of the coming year. Keep these notes to see if your visions become real – and you can use Oracle Cards for this or whatever you resonate with. Meditate or contemplate on the topic of the day, independent from your visions for the month of the coming year. It’s a time of visions and a journey from the old to the new. Traditionally December 28 and January 5 are the days for cleaning out the things that went wrong in the days before, that you don’t want to manifest in the coming year. You can simply send light, love and violet fire into it. And sometimes experiences that we don’t like have their roots in the past and need to manifest, because the seed is already planted and has started to grow – but when we already know that something is about to happen, we can be careful and accept it easier when it’s happening, even if we don’t like it.

For example, I had a huge betrayal showing up last year at the end of April, I had no idea what it would be (and all ways to find out what it is failed). When I finally realised what this is about, I immediately accepted it, what was the best thing I could do. All discussions, all fighting would only have cost me more money, time, lifeforce and it would have been a burden for my friendship with some people I really love. These friends were involved but haven’t caused it, it was part of their life as it was part of mine. So when I accepted the loss of my money without any fighting, this friendship had the chance to deepen – because with friends who feel like family, we go through good and bad times and instead of blaming each other we can simply keep toghether and allow these things to open our heartspace.

May your rough nights be blessed, and may those blessings continue in the following year. May you stay safe from harm, have clear visions and be surrounded by mulitidimensional light, unconditional love and violet fire.

With LOVE, Daniela